The term “Deep State” unleashes many paranoid fantasies. Movies and spy stories abound about the existence of dark, nefarious forces from our government aligned against us. But as Joseph Heller once wrote, “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” One of the more disturbing revelations after Trump’s win was finding that these dark forces not only exist, but are powerful and seemingly out of control.

“Deep State” is hard to define, because it is composed of overlapping groups and individuals with complex and differing agendas. It’s an amalgam of people, agencies, and bureaucrats that changes. The current leakers are part of it. For now, let’s say it’s a mostly unelected, mostly leftist group within our government that wants to govern us against the will of America’s founding principles. These people want the final say over our Republic. They want to rule, and they form part of a powerful alliance against the current administration and its voters. The one thing we can be thankful for is that they are showing themselves to us in a way that should anger Americans of all political persuasions. In the end, that’s what we might hope for.

“Big Brother” was the term Orwell used for the totalitarian presence of 1984. We are not there. Maybe not even close. But the problem of the Deep State is that there seem to be those who want the kind of power Orwell described, the kind of power the Soviets had, or the East Germans. It’s likely that many Deep-Staters don’t even realize just how power-mad they have become.

Here is a small list with their fingerprints on it:

– The unmasking and subsequent takedown of General Michael Flynn

– The daily leaks designed to impede or embarrass the Trump administration

– The unmasking of hundreds of private citizens working with the Trump campaign as reported by Circa News

– The bogus “Trump dossier”

– The bogus Trump-Russian collusion narrative.

– The unseemly collusion between Robert Mueller and James Comey

– The seeming insanity of Mueller probing a nonexistent crime

– The exoneration of the Clinton crime family

– The IRS targeting conservative groups

And lots more.

Read it all…

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