So what next in the wake of the weapons raid on the Venezuelan military base in Valencia? We know from the aggregated reports here that the government is probably lying about all being well in the wake of the attack. There are signs that the raiders did get away with a large cache of weapons, taken from the Chavistas.

My source emails:

This is reminiscent of how the Israeli Mossad captured Adolf Eichmann in Argentina and took him to Israel to be tried. And he was tried, convicted and hanged.

Here is the link to the video on YouTube.

So what we are seeing now from these raiders, at a minimum, is a willingness to take the lead and run with it, not lie back on their laurels à la McClellan.

That they announced their plans suggests there’s an element of psychological warfare as well. What Chavista won’t go to bed at night with a twinge of worry that someone may raid their place, stuff them in the trunk of a car, and then haul them off to some tribunal? Wouldn’t an exile in Miami seem a better way to go than hanging around Caracas and waiting to be snatched by the “Ninjas” – that is, if President Trump’s sanctions aren’t keeping them out? Obviously, they are trying to scare the Chavistas in a bid to weaken them.

…that is, if this really is what their next move is. Being clever military men, they might just do something else instead to maintain the element of surprise.

This sounds like a group whose moves are worth watching.


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