Reaching the 200-day mark of his presidency, Donald Trump is getting resistance not just from the Democrats and their enablers in the liberal media, but from members of his own party who refuse to give the president a major legislative victory.

The seven Senate Republicans who refused to vote for a straight Obamacare repeal bill during the health care debate broke a promise to the American people while joining the resistance to their own president. Their defections completely stalled the health care reform process in Congress, even as insurance companies continue to exit the individual insurance markets in counties and states around the country.

Now comes the news that a number of GOP senators have been traveling to battleground states and testing the waters to run for president in 2020 against Mr. Trump. The New York Times even made the outrageous suggestion that Vice President Mike Pence was himself was preparing for a possible 2020 run against the man who selected him.

Ever the loyal lieutenant, Mr. Pence denounced the story as “disgraceful and offensive to me, my family, and our entire team. The allegations in this article are categorically false and represent just the latest attempt by the media to divide this administration.”

But these types of stories divide not just the administration but the Republican Party as a whole. Anyone who has worked in politics would know that it is normal for a vice president to be meeting with party donors, especially a man like Mr. Pence who has close connections to traditional GOP donors. The article clearly mischaracterized what Mr. Pence’s role and recent activities.

But the rumors reveal an underlying and unresolved problem for today’s GOP. Long after the election, some Republicans still refuse to accept that Mr. Trump’s win has fundamentally redefined the party. They are acting more like Democrats in refusing to help the president enact his agenda. I understand that there could be disagreements on issues such as trade, where many in the party has long favored open markets, but the bulk of the president’s agenda is rooted in solid, traditional Republican principles.

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