THE European Union is facing a fresh headache after it emerged that member states are not complying with EU law, with 1,657 open infringement cases at the end of last year.

The European Commission’s annual report on monitoring the application of EU law showed a 21 per cent increase of open infringement cases, suggesting member states are standing up to Brussels bureaucrats and their relentless legislative agenda.

The report shows a huge rise over the past few years, with the number of new late-transposition infringement cases – when member states are slow to implement EU directives – increasing sharply in 2016 (847) compared to 2015 (543).

Cyprus and Belgium top the list of member states that delay in giving force to directives, the report reveals.

However, most of the proceedings were against Germany and Spain (91 each). In 26 cases, Germany is said to have implemented EU directives or regulations too late and, in 65 cases, incorrectly.

No surprise…

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