On this 200th day of the Trump Administration, the 45th presidency is under assault as few legitimately elected governments in free stable nations have ever been. The weapon of choice is, as Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department has very belatedly recognized, the leak. There are three kinds of leak:

The first is the palace-intrigue stuff: Spicer loathes Scaramucci, Scaramucci hates Priebus, Priebus despises Bannon, etc.

The second is the drip-drip-drip of the “Russia investigation”: Robert Mueller has empaneled a grand jury, he’s looking into eight-year-old Trump property deals, he’s going to flip Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort…

The third is the full transcripts in American newspapers of Trump’s conversations with the Mexican president and the Australian prime minister.

To take these in order:

The palace gossip is irritating and undisciplined, but not particularly important – and in fairness the spectacular corpse count suggests that it’s not without consequence. The other two categories of leak are far more disturbing, and seem to be entirely without consequence for the perpetrators.

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