It’s time for big changes to the RCMP, a new paper from a crime and national security academic argues.

Although “reboot” is the best way to describe the overhaul proposed by Christian Leuprecht, a professor with the Royal Military College, in a report published by the Macdonald-Laurier Institute appropriately titled “Force 2.0”.

Canada’s federal police have been plagued by front page challenges for years: Poor compensation and recruitment, internal sexual harassment allegations and the Mayerthorpe and Moncton shootings of officers, among others.

Tackling such issues piecemeal isn’t the way out, argues Leuprecht, who also works with Queen’s University and in Australia. Structural changes, at the top, are needed.

One of the most disruptive of the paper’s recommendations is to split RCMP operations and administration into what the author describes as a diarchy, installing a deputy minister to run the admin side and wield equal power with the Commissioner, who takes care of the policing.

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