For anyone who wants a big screen at home but doesn’t want to hang a massive , but not a giant set that dominates their wall, it could be the perfect product.
Epson has revealed a new ‘short throw’ laser projector the firm says is as good as an LCD screen – and can be placed just inches from the wall.

The new projector – called the Home Cinema LS100 Laser Display – can cast a giant 130-inch display onto a wall from just a few inches away with screen-like quality, and goes on sale for $3,000 this fall.

‘The Home Cinema LS100 Digital Laser Display is designed to allow people to enjoy life-size images in Full HD up to 10 feet diagonal with the lights on and the shades open – all at a fraction of the cost of a 120-inch traditional flat panel display,’ said Rodrigo Catalan, senior product manager, Projectors, Epson America.

‘With the Home Cinema LS100, families don’t have to worry about the limitations of traditional home projection systems, such as shadows when walking in front of the projected image.’


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