We can’t believe the Ontario Liberals’ reports on the province’s finances, auditor general Bonnie Lysyk says.

“The legislature and all Ontarians must be able to rely on the province’s consolidated financial statements to fairly report the fiscal results for the year. This year they cannot do so,” she said in a statement rejecting the contents of the public accounts, the formal declarations from Finance Minister Charles Sousa and Treasury Board President Liz Sandals of how much money we’ve got, how much we took in and how much we spent.

Also, the Liberals can keep their promise to start clawing out from under the province’s mountain of debt, Ontario’s financial accountability officer Stephen LeClair says, only if a whole bunch of implausible things happen.

These are just the latest dismantlings of the Liberals’ financial forecasts from Lysyk and LeClair, who’ve made a businesslike routine of pointing out all the extreme assumptions and accounting stretches the government is using to make the books look good in an election year.

“NDP in Drag”…

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