Republicans on Capitol Hill are said to be reeling from President Donald Trump’s reach-out to Democrats on fiscal matters.

But they have nobody to blame but themselves. Since Trump’s taken over the White House, Republicans have fought tooth and nail to keep the Democratic agenda alive. Witness: Obamacare.

Where’s the repeal?

Oh yes, that’s right. There is no repeal.

So goes the fight with the border wall — nothing, nada, except headlines like this one, from Politico in July: “House Republicans seek to dodge border wall vote.” Or this one, again from Politico, a September announcement from House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy: “McCarthy: Republicans will punt wall fight to December.”

Punting, punting — Republicans are always punting. If watching Congress were like watching football, Republicans in the House and Senate would be known for two big talents right now: Passing the ball. And dropping the ball. ‘Cause they sure ain’t getting it to the end zone.

So the natural result for a disappointed and frustrated president who a) campaigned hard on draining the swamp and b) has a business background that includes the art of the deal?

Simply put, it’s this: An in-your-face, take-that approach to government strategizing that bypasses Republicans in much the same manner Barack Obama used to bypass Congress.

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