Almost everyone except those psychologically and politically dependent on accusing others of being racists can agree that racism is evil. I think almost everyone except those malignant defamers, who denounce all with whom they disagree as racist, can agree that all people are fundamentally equal and must be treated equally; that all definable groups of people are equal in their human merit; and that all such groups, unless they are defined by sociopathic goals, should be proud of whatever it is that defines them as a group.

I cannot think of a more stupid and unjust reason for hiring or not hiring, electing or voting against, befriending or shunning anyone, than the ancient points of discrimination: race, sect, gender, sexual orientation, economic level, or, within reason, opinions on almost any subject. Racism, in all advanced societies, and certainly in North America, is now as rare and unrigorous as the flat-earth society. There are some white supremacists and white and non-white people who hate whites, but they are a very small percentage of the population. Almost no one anyone knows cares a jot about what race anyone is. It’s as fatuous, though more sinister, as screaming at people who have antimacassars on the arms of their chairs, part their hair differently, or like a different flavour of ice cream.

The fact that there is such a consensus has driven the forces of hate to the desperate nostrum of accusing those that they hate, for reasons of envy or political disagreement, of being racists. At times, it requires Job-like patience to keep in mind what a mighty victory for the tolerant majority the desperation of this scum represents. There are very few racists, so the psychotic malcontents are cornered in our society with no tactic left but to accuse others of what afflicts them.

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