BRUSSELS has started taking steps to ensure contingency plans are in place in case Brexit talks collapse without agreement.

The European Union’s negotiating team under Michel Barnier has officially refused to contemplate a ‘no-deal’ Brexit insisting Britain must pay a massive ‘divorce settlement’ to the EU of around €90BILLION.

Britain will then essentially be told what it can and cannot do if it wants to continue to trade with EU nations.

But the tough-talk was exposed as a bluff today after it emerged EU department heads are already putting contingency plans in place for the moment Britain walks away without a deal.

MEPs want to amend laws governing the EU’s carbon emissions trading system fearing a sudden British exit could wreak havoc on the European Union’s carbon market.

Officials believe the measures are needed as a safeguard against a situation where UK companies, suddenly liberated from having to hold emissions allowances under the EU scheme, would quickly move to sell them.


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