THE European Union must become a club to survive after Brexit, experts in Italy have warned.

Mathematician Giandomenico Majone warned if the EU remains the same once Britain leaves Brussels, the bloc could struggle to survive.

And Italian economist Giuseppe Pennisi has called on EU chiefs to heed Mr Majone’s advice.

With Brexit negotiations well underway and Brussels embroiled in a war of words with London, Mr Pennisi suggests the bloc should look to its future.

Writing for Il Sussidiario, Mr Pennisi said: “Brexit negotiations are underway. It is difficult to make predictions about who will win, even if it’s just about who wins in the financial accounts.

“An ingenious and innovative point of view was raised by Giandomenico Majone in his essay ‘The European Union Post Brexit’ just published on the European Law Journal.

“It is an essay that those who have political responsibilities regarding the European integration process should read and ponder carefully.

“He clearly states the problem: after Brexit, the European Union will remain essentially unchanged (even if an important part is now missing) or will it ‘adapt dynamically’ to the new situation? Will it admit ‘the urgency of radical changes in its own approach to integration?'”


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