It’s an intriguing peek inside the growing fentanyl trafficking epidemic.

For months, the medical secretary’s boyfriend would visit her at the Barrie clinic and bring her a cup of coffee. But instead of java inside, he had slipped her a number of names, corresponding OHIP numbers and other background details.

Julie Baks, 30, would use the information he’d supplied to create new patient files and then she would forge Fentanyl prescriptions for them — authorizing a pharmacist to dispense 45 patches each to the bogus patients. She’d then delete their files.

Her boyfriend and his cohort would dispense the forged ‘scripts to the “patients” who would then fill them and sell each patch on the street for $400 to $450 a pop.

Barrie Police busted the sophisticated drug ring in 2014 after the astute doctor at the clinic became suspicious about deleted files. Investigators would find more than 900 patches of the potent painkiller — with an estimated value of more than $400,000.


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