It’s great news for Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Even though neither metropolis has American voting rights nor shares territory with Wisconsin (or so I gather from a quick glance at the atlas and a furtive leap over to Wikipedia), they are among the 15 cities chosen for Hillary Clinton’s Weeping over Spilt Milk Tour—the launch of the most eagerly awaited memoir since Augustine’s early 5th century potboiler, Confessions.

Canadians eager to plumb the secrets of her losing tussle with noted cat-fancier and plutocrat Donald Trump earn entrance for a mere $89 (GA) or $229 (VIP). And for the more dedicated to the lost cause, $3,000 will place them in proximity of Hillary herself, while also securing them a photograph with the author and her signature on the book. Literature isn’t dead friends, it’s merely in a mercantile phase.

Whether What Happened—for that is the teasing title of Ms. Hillary’s oeuvre—is worth the admission price is an open question. Certainly, the comments from some of her own inner circle come touched with a note of equivocation on the merits of the book and tour. Doubtless the publishers will not be blurbing the reactions of one high-placed Hillarylander: “Oh, God,” “I can’t handle it… the final torture.”

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