There are two types of people: those who ambush Republicans such as Steve Scalise with cheap shot political attacks, and people with decency. Chuck Todd on Sunday decided he wanted to be the former.

One might think a journalist would think through how to best take advantage of his first interview with the nearly assassinated Republican leader who recently returned to Congress. Scalise, for those who don’t know on account of how lightly it was covered by national media, was ambushed by a progressive gunman in June, while Scalise was practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game. The shooter was killed by the security detail who protect Scalise. Also shot were Crystal Griner, one of the Capitol Police officers assigned to protect Scalise; congressional aide Zack Barth; and lobbyist Matt Mika.

The gunmen had discussed his hatred for Republicans extensively in social media prior to the shooting.

Politico published a great article on what Scalise went through on the field where the liberal activist shot him, in the hospital during the early fight for his life, and in a rehabilitation facility where he learned how to walk again. Here’s a portion:

Good Read…

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