The province plans to cut 8% of its civil service jobs over the next three years.

Finance Minister Cameron Friesen released a long-awaited fiscal audit of his government Tuesday, noting that target as a recommendation that will be pursued. Friesen stressed the workforce isn’t set for layoffs, though, since the province plans to instead leave some positions vacant after current staff resign, retire, or otherwise leave voluntarily.

“Every single time an employee departs, it creates an opportunity for government, if government is predisposed to it, to ask a question … Is there an issue here of overlap, inefficiency or waste?” he said.

The minister’s office confirmed there are about 14,900 civil servants in core government operations, with 8% of them equating to about 1,200 jobs. Friesen said about 8% of civil service workers choose to leave their posts each year, creating opportunities to judge the merits of many positions.


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