Valérie Plante says that if she is elected mayor of Montreal, she won’t need to raise taxes to balance the budget, since her administration can already see $35 million in unnecessary expenses the city has accrued at the “whim” of her opponent, Denis Coderre.

“The mayor’s whims have cost Montrealers a lot over the past four years; just think of the Formula E race or the tens of millions of dollars spent on the 375th,” the mayoralty candidate for Projet Montréal told reporters.

Plante did not summon media to the St-Hubert plaza on a rainy holiday Monday to unveil her party’s full fiscal plan. That is coming in a couple of weeks, she said. But she did want to denounce the city’s projected deficit as unnecessary.

Coderre announced last month that the city is heading for a $31.4 million deficit for 2017 — its first deficit since 2013 — which he said was mainly due to negotiated salary increases in the latest union contracts.

Plante said a Projet Montréal administration would cut more than $35 million from the budget, starting with $21 million in extra employees and contracts hired in connection with the city’s 375th birthday celebrations.

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