Female genital mutilation...

Widening Probe

Charles Bordeleau...


Justine Damond...

Inquiring Minds

Khadr payout...

Big Spenders***

Andrew Breitbart...

Mysterious Death


Horror Stories

Quantum physics...

Security Upgrade

Russian drug war...

Dark Net Trouble

Georges Karam...

Revolting Assault

Justin Trudeau...

Absolutely Wrong

Donna May...

Chasing Dragons

Carfentanyl imported from China...

Opioid Plague

Nathan Gervais...

Big Bill


Border Problem

Top row: Edrick Antoine, Léonard Faustin Étienne, Olivier Gay. Second row: Stanley Minuty, Kevin Tate.

Quebec Murders

Jill Clayton, the Information and Privacy Commissioner

Alberta Hacked

Let’s tackle Canada’s terror funding problem

Terror Financing

Comey in trouble?

Prosecute Comey?

The Canadian Tire Store where the attack occurred Photo by: Photo: Google Maps


The Canadian Tire at the Cedarbrae Mall in Scarborough. (Google Maps)

Toronto Terror


Forgery Allegation

Bernardo Parole?

Who, Me?

Madoff Update

Ransom Demand

Free as Birds

No Joke

Lobster Imbroglio

Money Laundering