At my age (now 72) there is a huge difference in the music I hear these days.  Most songs (if you can call them that) are what I describe frequently to friends as mere “noise”.  But there are some real treasures to be found if you pay attention.  I try to.

Reversing Order (Newest to Oldest)

Alan Jackson at George Jones funeral May 2nd, 2013



John Butler is one of the best on the guitar (12 string at that)  I’ve ever heard:

The Celtic Women: what can I say?  Trump should use them for his intro every time.

And This!

Celine Dion in her smash hit “My Heart Will Go On” (and it will)

And then there are the “classic’s”. This video is over three hours but I like it:

Let’s never forget “country” (Patsy Cline “lives”):

Adelle and “Hello”…a very big hit for her.

Enya – a wonderful song:

Playing For Change…One Of my Favorites

For my Spanish followers another of my favourites from a lady  of those  who know her and in the footsteps of Patsy Cline and many others…in memory of Jenni Rivera and may God bless her!

And then we get Cher…(I love this song)

Then I recalled Jennifer Rush…no idea what ever happened to her. No matter…this recording says it all.

And back to country with Tammy, fondly remembered.

I never forget this smash hit from Garth Brooks. I love it…