Daily Video 10/03/16

Paglia: “I was wrong”

ISIS staff list is LEAKED

Trump Irony

Farage tells off EU


Clinton Grilled

“Little Marco” woes

‘Hunter’ cyberweapon

How our world will end

“Strange Brew”

Daily Video 09/03/16

‘Hillary’s America’

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Capital Matters

What’s in a Name?

Cashing in on migrants

Cave lion Clone?

Ontario Debt Grows

No Silver Lining

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Trump hate is palpable!

Was Einstein right?

Michigan Primary!

Brexit Threat

No Warming For 58 Years


Daily Video 07/03/16

Nancy Reagan’s last journey

Romney Mistake

Gravitational Waves

Mixed Bag


Green “Junk”

Flint Fallout

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GOP Battle Rages

Trump embraces nation’s priorities

The “Establishment”

Nasty Piece of work