Two Weeks

Daily Video 13/05/16

Alien vs. Predator

More Mail Trouble




Win 10 Debacle

Nikola One

On The Hook?

Romney Idiocy

Daily Video 12/05/16

Gingrich Tops List

Hillary Unravelling?

A Perfect Storm

Rivaldo Warns

Dry Rot

Big Bang Problems

Raptor Redux?


Fire Fail

Daily Video 11/05/16


Hillary’s Odd Behaviour

What Steel Crisis?

Who Promoted Ryan?

Misuse of Law

Pueto Rico’s Insolvency

Islamic Cold War

Mystery Continues

Amazing Discovery

Daily Video 10/05/16

Trump Won’t Change

Media Suckers

Sensible Proposal?

“We Want Out!”

China Implosion?

Mercury Transit

Political Meddling

Fenian Raids

Bison Left Behind

Daily Video 09/05/16

Weighing Trump

“Power” Begs

Who’s “Tim”?

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