Argo Chasma

Another Warning

‘Cognitive Warrior?’

Daily Video 26/06/16

MSM Blues

Hillary Savant?

Oath of Allegiance

Europe’s Fresh Start

Worlds Ugliest Dog

Roboship by 2020

Time travel problem

Flying car approved

UK Free Trade?

Daily Video 25/06/16

Next President

Hillary’s Nightmare

Obama Debacle – Again

Free At Last

World Revolt


Data Fail

Teleportation Soon?

CDN Brexit Effect

Daily Video 24/06/16

Nationalism vs. Globalism

Dem’s Victimised?

Obama Whitewash

Shock and Awe

Old Hippies Misbehaving

UN “Education”

‘Sleeping Giant’ Awakes

‘Ferguson Effect’ Real

CPP Trouble?

Daily Video 23/06/16

Trump’s “Big Stick”

Immature Thinking

Trolling for War

‘Prison of Nations’

Judges Behaving Badly

NYC Corruption

Wind Nebula


Senate Approves Bill

Daily Video 22/06/16

Common Sense

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