Daily Video 15/09/17

Long Game?

Never give Up

Bureaucratic Flop

Bogus Polls

Emerging Threat

Legal Weed

Hurt Feelings

Caught Again

Daily Video 14/09/17

Dangerous Animals


Juncker’s Mad Dream

Poison Fruit

Thoughts on UN

Dumb People

Liberal Lies

Liberal Indecisiveness

Daily Video 13/09/17

Hostile Takeover

Take a Pass

EU Warned…Again

Tabby’s Star

Time to Reflect

Rethinking Security

Pity Party

Monster Case

Daily Video 12/09/17

Bannon’s War

Voter Fraud

Doom and Gloom

Hurricane Stuff

Triple Talaq


Sewage Leak

Political Bust

Daily Video 11/09/17

Political Football


Looney Tunes

Bankrupt Accusations

Grim Irony

Failed Lessons

Sad Legacy

Big Spenders

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