Bankrupt Suggestions

Daily Video 27/09/17

Political Tornado

Justice Applied

‘Good Old Boys’

US riot...


Joe Arpaio...

Dangerous Hypocrisy

Trump under attack...

Political Fear

US Gun Control...

“Choke Point” Throttled

Donald Trump...

Dems in Drag

Jim Demint and Tom Coburn

Convention of States

Comey in trouble?

Prosecute Comey?

This is a post-electoral hangover unlike any other in U.S. history.

Progressive Madness

Daily Video 12/05/17

Faux Presidency

Article V Update

Legal Attack

Booting Elites

Still Digging

No More

Why the Anger?

Oath of Allegiance

Judges Behaving Badly

I Want a President for Americans who Follow the Rules, Go to Work, and Obey the Law