Daily Video 22/09/17

UN “Trumped”

Messy Business

Daily Video 21/09/17

True Words

Obama’s Wiretappers

Election Heats Up

Daily Video 20/09/17


Faustian Bargain?

Daily Video 19/09/17

Black Monday

What Happened?

Big Government

Daily Video 18/09/17

McMaster Trouble

Fine Question



Hard to Argue!

Daily Video 16/09/17

Double Cross Don?

Stage Hogs

Daily Video 15/09/17

Never give Up

Daily Video 14/09/17

Dangerous Animals


Daily Video 13/09/17

Hostile Takeover

Take a Pass

Time to Reflect

Daily Video 12/09/17

Bannon’s War

Voter Fraud

Political Football


Bankrupt Accusations

Grim Irony

Daily Video 10/09/17

Political Geometry

Votes Matter

Rail Reform

Daily Video 09/09/17

Political Tornado